The Critical 'I'

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Friday, March 12, 2004

thank yew, thankyewvurymuch
The Seminole Indian Tribe here in eastern Tampa is holding the grand opening of its Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino this weekend. So naturally, the tribe had The Flying Elvi skydiving team dive-bomb tribal grounds to celebrate.

What a weird time to have them jump, Thursday morning. If they had done it over the weekend, I would've gone out there to see it. It's not every day you see something so kitschy. Plus, with any luck, there might be an Elvis splattering.

As for the new gambling mecca, I can't say I'll be blowing my quarters there on a regular basis. I'm not too big on gambling. It might be something to check out once in a while, although I have a feeling it's going to be teeming with eighty-year-olds 24/7, a real turn-off. But maybe a good place to check out the sleazy scene.