The Critical 'I'

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Sunday, March 14, 2004

DUCK FIGHT 3000!!!
I love Sunday afternoons, particularly at this time of the year. Nothing to do all day but decompress, and drink life in.

Case in point: I just walked over to my patio window and caught about five full minutes of a couple of the local ducks engaged in a death match on water! It was hilarious. They were facing each other bill-to-bill, alternately rising up with wings fully spread and then on top of one another, biting and writhing. Lots of splashing around and angry honking. I felt like cueing up the classic Captain Kirk vs. Mr. Spock hand-to-hand combat music; it was just that gripping.

These ducks are pretty amusing in general. They're Muscovites, meaning they're some of the ugliest fowls you'd ever want to see. Plus, these local duckies are ridiculously inbred, meaning they're that much uglier and that much stupider. They waddle around the grounds like they own the joint. And they're fat, no doubt from all the handouts they get (I suppose I'd give them something too, but I live on the second floor, so it's not easy to toss food to them).

I'm kind of hoping they have some repeat performances, ideally on a predictable schedule. I can get a cockfighting-style gambling ring going, make me some extra scritchy-scratchy.