The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

pray, away
Making official what has been de facto for years now, former Heisman-winning quarterback Danny Wuerffel retired from football. Nothing short of the second NFL coming of Steve Spurrier could revive Wuerffel's pro football chances now.

My God... How will the league survive this crushing blow??

By "league", I'm referring, of course, to the CFL. Because if Wuerffel had hung in there, he surely had a spectacular Kerwin Bell-like career in front of him.

Wuerffel's focus is on Desire Street Ministries, a New Orleans organization in one of the nation's poorest neighborhoods.

What is with these pro athlete washouts turning to Christ after they bomb out of their first chosen profession? The time to pray was when they were in the huddle or on the field, asking for a better throwing stance, or jump shot, or whatever would have kept them from being a footnote in league history. It works for some atheletes; I guess they give 110 percent in their prayers, unlike the duds.

So Wuerffel joins the likes of ex-Bruins/Sabres goalie John Blue in the path to post-sports salvation. He'd better save a seat for fellow God-boy Jon Kitna, another marginal QB who'll probably be looking for non-football work in a couple of years.