The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Monday, February 23, 2004

So I'm reading today's Business section, which includes the weekly Business Briefcase Profile. This week, it was on Bill Carlson, the newly-promoted President of locally-based public relations firm Tucker/Hall. I believe I've spoken with Bill once or twice, as Tucker/Hall is the PR firm for Florida Trend.

I got a kick out of this part of Carlson's profile:

Carlson says he was inspired to go into advertising and marketing by the 1960s TV sitcom "Bewitched". The male lead, Darrin Stevens [sic], "was in advertising. I thought that was kind of cool. It influenced me," he said. "It thought it was great people could have a job in a field that was creative."

I've often suspected that "Bewitched" played a huge role in shaping scores of young minds' perceptions on the advertising business, and even leading some people to pursue it. I'm glad to finally hear someone admit it!

Of course, you'll often come across oblique references as to how Durwood Darrin Stephens inspired a career in advertising. And we all know that Larry Tate is a better-known advertising industry icon than David Ogilvy.

Perhaps the most impressive homage to the sitcom was the real-life ad agency of McMann & Tate, which is apparently now out of business (I guess they were overly-reliant on using witchcraft as their ace-in-the-hole). I remember coming across their site years ago, and I shot them an email asking if they were, in fact, "Bewitched"-inspired. Someone shot back in the affirmative.