The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Last week, Mark at Duh! got the itch to commit some art on a local street marker. He put out the call for the donation of a sawbuck to do it right.

I was surprised that, a day later, no one had coughed up the dough. So I did:

Wow, how often do you get a chance to become a patron to the arts, for the low-low price of $20 American? I'll pony up, artdude. Go nuts on the thing. My only demand: That I get an emailed advance heads-up for your next public wine tasting, whether it's at the busstop or whereever.

Also, of course, I absolve myself of any knowledge of your shenanigans in the event the fuzz nails you.

Thus equipped, Mark did his deed last weekend, the results of which you see above. I drove by it once (it's slightly out of my way), and it looks good. I wonder how long it'll stay in place.

Mark is, of course, a pro at this kinda thing (if it's possible to be a pro at guerilla art--I think that's an antithetical concept, actually). You can see samples of his past exploits on his blog, including the stunt that first brought him to my attention.

Was this the best twenty bucks I've ever spent? Sure, why not; at least until the next twenty comes along.