The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Friday, February 20, 2004

dare to dream
ESPN Dream Job, the sports network's latest stab at a reality/game show, is set to debut this coming Sunday. Accordingly, they've been running a lot of promos to remind us to tune in.

This naturally reminded me of my own Dream Job tryout, when the casting call blew through town last September, and the cold reality of not making the cut. (Cold, baby. So cold I'm still freezin'.)

As I said then, I figured no one in my group would be selected. We shouldn't feel too badly, since no one from the Tampa Bay leg of the audition tour managed to get to the final stage.

Considering that it's highly unlikely I'll watch any of this show, this news puts a fitting end to my angle. I'm not shunning Dream Job because I didn't get in; I stated at the outset that I wasn't counting on that, and that I went mainly on a lark. But the reality genre holds little appeal for me, so I don't watch any of those shows. I suppose there's a good chance I'll stumble upon it, since ESPN/ESPN2 are two channels I watch more than most others, but I doubt I'll sit down and actually take in an entire episode.