The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Are all those (legally-obtained, I'm sure) mp3s, mpegs, jpegs, avis and who-knows-what-else files rapidly filling up what once seemed like a gigantic 30-gig hard drive? Then you need more disc storage, and there's no sense in staying in the double-digit-gigs range when you could really up the ante with LaCie's 1-terabyte Bigger Disk.

That's 1 big terabyte, aka 1,000 gigabytes. To illustrate that: You could fill this bad boy with enough mp3 files, each at about the average size/playing time of 4MB/4 minutes, to play continuously--without repeats--for nearly two years. Chew on that!

I'm still continually amazed at the leaps and bounds that hard drive technology is taking. It wasn't all that long ago (the late '90s) when 1-gig was the high end of digital storage for the consumer market. I once worked with a client whose business was providing outsourced digital storage in terabyte-sized chunks for organizations like NASA; I wonder what he thinks of this.

At $1,200, the Bigger Disk isn't cheap, but it's certainly a reasonable price as far as computer components go. For a multi-computer household, it probably makes sense. Of course, I'm now waiting for the day when I hear about people and their kids filling one of these up, and needing to get another one...