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Friday, February 13, 2004

what's in a number
Miss 1984? It was a hell of a year, and an even better novel. The 1984+20 Project seeks to celebrate the latter by staging public readings of George Orwell's classic this coming April 4th--the 20th anniversary of Winston Smith's opening diary entry. (Naturally, the optimal starting time for the public readings would be 13 o'clock--or, if you prefer, 1PM.)

Do I believe we're living in Orwell's Oceania? No, and despite the changes since 9/11 and all the rhetoric from both left and right, I don't think we're even that close. But it never hurts to remind ourselves of that by indulging in a story that offers a stark contrast to our relative liberty. Eternal vigilance is often helped along through mental stimulation.

I'll have to remind myself of this when the calendar turns to April...

(Via Like This)