The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

From yesterday's sports transactions:

San Diego Padres - Acquired infielder Jeff Cirillo, pitcher Brian Sweeney and cash considerations from the Seattle Mariners for catcher Wiki González, infielder Dave Hansen, pitcher Kevin Jarvis and outfielder Vince Faison.

A big-deal trade, especially if you're a fan of either team. But I don't care about that; hell, I don't care about baseball even when they're playing, let alone in the offseason.

What caught my eye was the name of one of the players involved in this trade: Wiki González.

Wiki is not a name you come across every day. In the Hawaiian language, "wikiwiki" means "quick" or "fast"; that's a great connotation for an athlete. Plus, his nickname could be "Speedy", making him a real-life Speedy Gonzalez!

I'm more familiar with the use of "wiki" as the name of a hypertext document collection and/or the means of creating such a collection. Pure computer/Web geeky stuff, which I don't really comprehend (nor do others).

What are the odds that Mr. Wiklenman (Wiki being a nickname) González is an active Wiki user? Does he mess around at the WikiWikiWeb? Does he use Wikipedia as a reference source?

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say no, he doesn't. But, if this whole wiki movement wants to ramp up into the bigtime, perhaps they should consider hiring Wiki González to be their celebrity spokesman! "Take it from me, Wiki--go to today!" A first step would be to give Wiki his own Wikipedia entry, as there doesn't appear to be one (I suppose I could do that myself, but it's just a tad too geeky for my taste).