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Friday, January 09, 2004

northern vermont will rise again
Killington, Vermont is a long, long way from Dixie. But the little ski-resort town is taking a page from the South's history book and making noise about seceding from Vermont and joining next-door state New Hampshire.

I'd be remiss if I didn't point out the irony in Vermont Governor, and Democratic Presidential candidate, Howard Dean making a point of courting votes from "guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks", and then having some yokels in his own state mount their own secession movement.

The issue, naturally enough, is perceived overtaxation. New Hampshire, with its absence of sales or income tax, is comparative nirvana, as the recent establishment of the Free State Project in the Granite State signified. Not only that, but when you live in New Hampshire, no one expects you to give to charity.

It's a kooky idea that won't go anywhere; Killington isn't even on the border with New Hampshire, so breaking off would be an awkward operation. Plus Vermont won't let it secede, New Hampshire won't accept it, etc. etc. But it's already worked in terms of getting the little town loads of national exposure. I suspect the rest of this ski season, and next year's, will benefit in the form of additional visitors.

The real fun to come will be the inspiration this gives to thousands of other border towns near state lines across the U.S. I can't wait! While most of these copycat secession movements will also be tax-based, I'm betting a few will be over more absurd reasons, like one state having a lottery while the other doesn't.