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Thursday, January 29, 2004

let's roomble
A week after ordering it, my Roomba robovac arrived today. Thankfully, I showed some foresight the past couple of days and put a note on the door for the UPS man to deliver the thing to the leasing office, instead of taking it back and trying to deliver it again tomorrow (why UPS bothers sending their guys out in the middle of the day to make residential deliveries, when most people are at work, is somethign I'll never figure out).

The big thrill for today was unpacking the unit, installing the battery, plugging it all into a wall socket... and leaving it there. The battery needs 12(!) hours of charging time before you can set the Roomba loose. I already knew this, so I wasn't expecting to be able to play with it right away. I won't be able to use it until tomorrow morning at the earliest; I'm not sure I will, because I want to spend some time testing it in various modes before leaving it by itself to clean for the day.

First impressions: It's rather big. I wasn't expecting that; the impression I'd gotten from the pictures and documentation was that it was kind of small, like 6 inches in diameter or thereabouts. Turns out it's 12 inches, and kind of bulky. It weighs around 10 pounds. I know I could have found all this out from the specs, but who ever pays attention to that?

Anyway, I'm glad it's here, safe and sound, and I'm looking forward to seeing it in action! No more vacuuming for me!