The Critical 'I'

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

domo arrigato
Ah, the Internet; that technological marvel that's so good at separating you from your money. Such was the case with me, earlier today, when Amazon gave me an offer on a Roomba robotic floor vacuum that I just couldn't refuse. As a result, I'll be receiving the shiny new toy--er, household appliance, I mean--in about a week.

I've actually been eyeing one of these babies for a while. I hate housecleaning in general, vacuuming included, and anything that will do the work for me is most welcome. The Roomba seems ideal, especially for a relatively small area like my two-bedroom apartment. And the gee-whiz factor is hard to resist. The drawback was price: When Roombas were first introduced, they were going for around $300, which is just too damn much. Even the current average of $200 is a bit steep. But with the discount and free shipping from Amazon, it didn't take me long to convince myself. I'm crossing my fingers that I won't have any major problems with it.

I onlly wish I owned a cat or ferret or something like that. I bet the Roomba would absolutely freak out a small domestic pet! Maybe I can take it to a friend's house for that...