The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Dick Gregory is showing his support of his pal Michael Jackson's innocence by going on a 40-day fast and organizing prayer vigils.

Get a load of what Gregory subsisted on:

For the past 40 days, Gregory, who lives in Plymouth, lived on a daily diet of a gallon of water mixed with eight lemons, and a cup and a half of maple syrup. His weight dropped from 159 pounds down to 124 pounds.

That's an interesting mixture... The water is a given, since the human body can't make it more than a week or two without hydration. But the lemons? Plenty of vitamin C, but I'm not sure what else. And what about all that maple syrup? I wonder if the combination of the sugars and the citric acid aids the shedding of pounds. In any case, it sounds like there's a new version of the Dick Gregory's Bahamian Diet on the way!

Gregory says he'd gladly let Michael Jackson watch one of his children. Since he's got 10 kids, I guess Gregory has an acute need for a babysitter (or at one point did, if they're all grown up).