The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Friday, January 02, 2004

Just finished my lunch of store-bought orange sushi rolls from good ol' Publix Super Market. Publix actually makes pretty good sushi; it's not restaurant quality-good, but it's mighty tasty. It's also made fresh daily, by an on-the-premise sushi chef (at least, I figure she makes it, as she's always standing right there behind the counter). As always, the little packet of soy sauce wasn't nearly enough.

There was an abundance of ginger and wasabi on the side, though. But as I was chewing, I recalled that the wasabi I was dabbing onto each roll certainly was not real wasabi at all:

Wasabi? "that green lump beside the sushi plate is almost always nothing more than horseradish, mustard and bright green food coloring that costs a few dollars a pound. Made from a gnarled root that is tough to cultivate, true wasabi costs about $70 a pound."

Bummer, because I hate mustard. Plus, today's particular portion of wasabi had very little kick to it--I was smearing a ton of it onto each roll, yet could barely taste the stuff. I'd almost rather spring for the extra dough for the real deal... almost.