The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Monday, January 05, 2004

With a name like GoGORILLA Media, you just know it's got to be a guerilla/viral marketing joint. And only such a firm could come up with the idea of placing advertising stickers on paper money bills. It's an idea that USA Network is using in New York and Los Angeles nightclubs this month to promote the upcoming "Traffic: The Miniseries".

While the U.S. Treasury also has rules for defacing legal tender, the GoGORILLA media team presumably checked that out.

Presumably? I'd be willing to bet that GoGORILLA did no such thing. But, if these decals really do have a non-permanent adhesive on them that prevents permanent markings on the bills, then I doubt they have anything to worry about. If they were actually writing or stamping something onto the bills, then they'd be getting a call from the Treasury Department.

But, if they do somehow run afoul of the Feds, GoGORILLA has plenty of other offbeat advertising mediums as backups, including such eye-openers like the swizzle stick, urinal splash guard, and (my favorite) condom.

It's kind of a neat idea. I hope I somehow run across such a marked bill, although I doubt the sticker would stay affixed to a dollar that travels from the NYC metro area to me here in Tampa Bay. Plus, I tend to keep only the barest minimum of cash on hand, going with plastic most of the time, which knocks down the odds even more.