The Critical 'I'

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Saturday, January 24, 2004

numba one in the hood, g
It's arrived! My much-anticipated order from Amazon for the two-disc DVD set of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force": Volume One. Just the thing to cheer me today, when an inner-ear infection is doing its best to lay me low for the weekend. I've just watched the first disc, including all the episodes and extras; laughed my ass off heartily. Looking forward to the second disc this evening; if I can't go out, I might as well enjoy the stylings of Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad (not to mention the Mooninites).

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force" is my favorite portion of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. The absurd combination of sentient fast-food items, rap music, and pop culture jokes just hits the mark every time! Plus, I think this show really benefits from the short-attention-span-inspired 15-minute running time per episode; any longer than that, and I think the frenetic energy in each story would get lost.

Does my appreciation of ATHF seem overly juvenile? It is the type of show that's so stupid-funny, you either really love it or really hate it. If it makes you feel better, I did balance out my purchase of the DVD with two books:

- "Tartuffe" by Moliere

- "Six Characters in Search of an Author" by Luigi Pirandello

True, a motivation for throwing in the books was to get the total dollar amount of the order up to the $25 free-shipping threshold (because I have an irrational thing about paying for shipping). But I was intrigued by both, and am looking forward to absorbing them.