The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

I've been posting on a lot of stuff from Poynter lately... David Carlson takes note of the continued emergence of the "media center" computer system, and points out that the hardware is not the most important part of the design:

But we all need to remember that the real money has always been made by selling content, not devices. When radio, then television, came along, most people thought the profits would be in selling radios or TVs. Didn't turn out that way, did it? The big money came from programming. It doesn't take a great deal of insight to see how a lot of media companies can benefit from the move to media PCs. It's a natural for broadcasters and film producers, perhaps even record companies. But how do newspapers stand to benefit from it (or not)? That's a good question, one the leaders of the newspaper industry had better be thinking about very seriously.

Naturally, along with that money-making content is the even-more-money-making advertising. That combination is what will really monetize this next media revolution (or, more properly, evolution).