The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Friday, January 16, 2004

How miserable has it been in the Northeastern U.S. this week? Not only has the Arctic-derived chill broken recorded temperature lows and made the region even colder than Iceland, and threatens to trigger blackouts, but now, even snow leopards have started roaming the streets.

No no, I'm only kidding, of course. The above feline is a resident of the Bronx Zoo. S/he should be feeling right at home in this winterland hell.

Did I mention that the forecasted temperature here in Tampa Bay tomorrow is 74 degrees? Yup yup. I may even go lay out by the pool, get a little sun for my tan. Oh yeah, winter is brutal...

Actually, what I really hate about the horrid weather hitting up North, aside from the suffering of family members, is the knowledge that it'll trigger the usual exodus of migrants down to my area, where they'll promptly start bitching about how much better it is where they came from. Not to mention the additional traffic.

UPDATE: Turns out it's closer to 65 degrees today than 75... Just a bit too chilly for sunbathing. Oh well. Still warm enough for a short sleeve shirt.