The Critical 'I'

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

happy happy joy joy
There's nothing like a meal-in-a-box to convey the sense of an active lifestyle. McDonald's will be rolling out its "Go Active! Happy Meal" for adults later this year.

To appeal to the adult pallette, these boxes will contain health-conscious entree salads, bottled water and a pedometer. I suppose the pedometer is what counts as the toy--which is really the main reason I ever clamored for a Happy Meal as a lad.

It's always been my feeling that fast-food joints are better off doing what they do best: Churn out quasi-food that's an acceptable option as quick, convenient fuel. That's what I associate them with, and I'm never going to consider McDonald's or Wendy's or Burger King as an option for healthy or upper-scale food. Diversions into things like breakfast menus and fat-free fare are just an odd fit. But what do I know; I suppose McDonald's is having success with its new menu items, or it wouldn't be expanding them into Happy Meal form.