The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

juicy fruit
I went grocery shopping earlier today. I came across these huge papayas--they were about 3-5 pounds each and twice the size of the ones I've always seen before. A little sticker on them said they were "red lady" variety, from Peru. I like getting papaya every once in a while, so I picked up one of these monsters.

A Web search yielded very little useful information; my patience wasn't the longest either. I did find this little bit:

MARADOL and RED LADY papayas, the red meat variety, available year-round with peak supplies April through July, are much sweeter and larger than the yellow meat papayas. High in vitamin C, vitamin A (78% beta carotene), low calories, good source for potassium, iron and dietary fiber, the papaya is not only a delicious and distinctively flavored fruit, but beneficial as well. Like the mango, it lends itself to a variety of dishes from fresh, ripe slices dredged in lime for breakfast, delicious when combined with other tropical fruits in a fruit salad, with yogurt, in a vegetable dish, dessert or tropical drink.

Think I'll try this bad boy with lime for breakfast. I'll have to let it ripen for a few days first; it's spotty green right now.