The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Figuratively, that is. Steve Outing at E-Media Tidbits picks up my tip to him on the St. Pete Times' decision to put some control on the type of reader email it would accept. Outing rightly calls this move the start of a trend by newspapers and magazines across the land, as spam isn't likely to decrease anytime soon.

Also, in response to Steve Klein's item on the NFL launching a Chinese-language version of their website, I offered some context in the form of what the other big leagues have done in this area, and why the NFL's efforts are especially notable:

The moves by the NFL are significant because American-style football traditionally hasn't had a footprint beyond the U.S. (Canadian football notwithstanding). Hockey, basketball and baseball all have established international bases, so it was easier for the U.S. leagues in those sports to cultivate overseas fanbases.

And I got a nice little thank-you from Klein afterward for the contribution.

Does this all seem like self-aggrandizement? I guess it is, sort of. But mainly, I just wanted a record of it here, for future reference.