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Monday, January 05, 2004

five boroughs
When you live in one of the most dynamic cities in the whole world, why on Earth would you sit around in front of a monitor and blog? Don't ask me. But feel free to tap one of the hundreds of bloggers at NYC Bloggers and try to find out.

Just keep in mind, these are Noo Yawkers, so the reply might not be the most civil. (And before anyone flames me on that, this is an expatriate New Yorker writing this.)

I like the layout of this site, particularly the outline and subway maps of the city (I'm a sucker for maps, and think they're not utilized nearly enough where appropriate). The ability to search for a blog by subway line was an especially nice touch, and really gives it a quintessential New York City touch.

Another uniquely New York touch, in a much more somber vein, is a collection of 9/11 posts from City bloggers.

Interesting breakdown of the blog population on this site, by borough (as of this writing; this changes as more blogs join the site):

Manhattan: 1,396 blogs
Brooklyn: 884
Queens: 443
The Bronx: 119
Staten Island: 53

Manhattan is NYC Blog Central, apparently. Pretty puny showing for Staten Island, but what do you expect—if most Staten Islanders had their way, they'd secede from the City.

Let me point out that Liminal Liberal, off my blogroll, originates out of Brooklyn, and is in fact one of the 884 NYC Bloggers members noted above.