The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Getting sick sure can eat up a big chunk of your time.

As I mentioned a couple of times this past weekend, I've been afflicted with an inner-ear infection. It started bothering me last Thursday, and enough so all day Friday that I considered going to see a doctor. I made it through work that day, and decided to just ride it out through the weekend to see if it didn't clear up on its own (as has been the case the one or two times I've had it before).

Alas, no dice. It doesn't exactly hurt, but it bothered me enough that I didn't go out at all either Saturday or Sunday (somewhat chilly weather also kept me indoors). Also didn't get very sound sleep. I woke up this morning in pretty much the same sorry shape, and decided I'd knock off in the afternoon and get this thing looked at.

So I left the office around 1PM and made my way to a walk-in clinic that's relatively near my place (I tried a couple of doctors on my health plan this morning, but it was fruitless--couldn't get an appointment any sooner than two weeks from now). Went in, filled out the paperwork, then sat down with a copy of Wired magazine and settled in for a long wait.

And wait.

And wait.

I was in the waiting area for something like an hour and 15 minutes! Unreal. I was expecting a long wait, but it was still frustrating. I'm glad I brought some of my own reading material, because it made the time go by quite a bit faster. Not an awful lot to look at otherwise; a television was droning on with some loop from a CNN-branded health channel, and there were about a half-dozen senior citizens waiting around. A couple of cute-ish women came in about half an hour into my wait; I think it was a mother-daughter pair, with the daughter around my age. About an hour into my wait, a tall, gorgeous woman came in who had the nicest ass I've seen in a long while; she was accompanied by some little leprechaun who must have been her boyfriend/husband (go figure). She somehow managed to get in right away...

Anyway, I finally get the call and go in. The nurse takes my temperature and tells me I'm running a bit of a fever, at 100.5. I had no idea, although it would explain why I've been so out of it the past couple of days. All part of the infection, it turns out.

After that, I'm hustled into the examination room, where I'm made to wait some more. Probably waited about 20 minutes before the doctor came in. He poked around for about three minutes, then went off to do some paperwork, then came back with a prescription for a couple of antibiotics--one in pill form, one in eardropper liquid--and sent me on my way.

After that, I grabbed some fast food for a late lunch, then off to the pharmacy to fill the prescriptions. That took another hour, all told. Finally, I get home at 4:30PM.

It's all the downtime that I can't stand. Kind of makes me wish I had just gone to the clinic first thing in the morning, gotten all that taken care of, and then just crawled back into bed and slept it off. I'm glad I got a lot of work done this morning, but still...

As it is, I'm going to see how this medicine does overnight. If I'm still out of it tomorrow, I may just stay home and recuperate, instead of pushing it and letting it drag out for the whole week.