The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Not so many years ago, the presence of a ".com" at the end of your publicly-traded company's name practically ensured a parade of suckers to toss money your way and jack up your stock price. You'd think investors would have smartened up at least a little in the wake of the dot-com bust; it turns out they've just been waiting for the next gee-whiz opportunity.

What is the sector du jour? Nanotechnology. In a natural progression frombroadly misusing the term, ignoramuses with more money than sense are buying up shares of Nanometrics, a company that sounds like it's involved in nanotech but isn't.

So that's your new get-rich-quick scheme: Start up a dummy company, make sure it's got "nano" as part of the name, get it listed on an exchange, and wait for the stock price to shoot up. I think I'll start a company named "Nano-Nanu Inc."; it'll specialize in selling DVDs and videotapes of old "Mork & Mindy" episodes. A sure-fire goldmine!