The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

I love the desktop blotter calendar I have at work. Not only does it include holidays both major (Christmas) and obscure (National Boss Day), it's also NAFTA-optimized, meaning it lists Mexican and Canadian holidays as well. Extremely educational, let me tell you; also good for some inane but entertaining office chatter.

It's times like this that such a comprehensive North American calendar comes in handy. According to my calendar, all three remaining Fridays in the month of December are holidays:

December 12th: Guadelupe Day in Mexico.

December 19th: Hanukkah, starting at sundown.

December 26th: A double shot of holiday cheer, with Kwanzaa commencing along with British/Commonwealth oddity Boxing Day.

Holidays galore. In my mind, that means time off, baby. And so it is that I'll be taking the next three Fridays off. I'm taking the three-day weekend route from now 'til '04!

(Truthfully, there's a much more personal reason for taking the time off: I have vacation days to burn off, lest I lose them when the new year rolls around. It's a perennial problem for me; at least this time, I'm not desperately trying to use up two weeks of vacation in a month.)