The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Friday, December 12, 2003

It's not looking promising for the upcoming Sony PSX doo-dad. In the wake of the news that the device won't include many promised features, industry analysts are now saying it won't make a very big splash when it does hit the market.

"The PSX is perhaps more of a publicity stunt," said Kazumasa Kubota, an analyst with Okasan Securities Co., who believes a game console can't quite fit into the electronics market. "It will probably sell well for a month or two but the momentum isn't likely to hold up after that."

This mirrors my thoughts on this hybrid console, which I made even before the limitations were announced. I maintain that this was Sony's plan all along: That the PSX is intentionally designed to be a flop, and will serve only to seed the market for a later, more advanced offering (which I'm guessing won't include any sort of PlayStation gaming capabilities, as that appeals to a relatively narrow market segment).

I wonder, though, why the prospect that the loss of all that functionality as a way to prevent the ease of use of the PSX as a tool for digital content piracy hasn't been considered. It seems obvious to me, and the first thing I considered. As I said,

What other reason could there be for slowing down the disc drive's spin speed? Why else would you restrict the playback of rewritable discs? Why else would MP3s be incompatible media? I say the changes were made to undercut potential piracy.