The Critical 'I'

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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

what're those dogs doing?
Depending on who you believe, Abercrombie & Fitch's decision to mothball their five-year-old line of distinctively racy catalogues was the result of the public culmination of pressure from outraged conservative groups, new charges of racist policy within those soft-core porn pictures, or the need to push more perfume. You decide.

Meanwhile, you can always find a copy on eBay.

I think there's something to be said that the juxtapositioning of nudity and shopping could produce such a controversy. The youth factor has something to do with it too.

CLARIFICATION: The CNN/Money article I used as the primary link doesn't distinguish between the publication in question--A&F Quarterly--and Abercrombie's more traditional catalogue. Quarterly is the one that's got all the nekkid pictures and sex talk, and that's the one that's getting the axe; the traditional catalogue will continue on as any other catalogue does, as an in-store giveaway and mailer to customers. I think the confusion stemmed from trying to distinguish what Quarterly was, exactly: A magazine or a catalogue? It was available for purchase and subscription, and carried third party ads from the likes of SoBe. Plus it had plenty of what you could consider editorial content, i.e. the oral sex and binge drinking articles. On the other hand, it's primary purpose was obviously to be a vehicle for Abercrombie products.