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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

hellllllooooo, ball
I'm not going to wait for the death-comes-in-threes theory to play out to take note of the death of Art Carney.

I got to see Carney at his finest through endless reruns of "The Honeymooners" on WPIX-Channel 11 in New York. I'm glad I grew up watching those late-night treasures. I'm also glad I never asked Carney any smart-alecky questions relating to his Ed Norton alter-ego:

Carney told a Saturday Evening Post interviewer in 1961 that strangers were always asking him how he liked it down in the sewer. "I have seasonal answers," he said. "In the summer: 'I like it down there because it's cool.' In the winter: 'I like it down there because it's warm.' Then I've got one that isn't seasonal: 'Go to hell.' "

Update: TV Land is showing a 24-hour Honeymooners marathon to commemorate Carney's career on the show. I'm very tempted to watch the whole thing; it's been years since I've seen some of them. Can't see staying cooped up in the house all night, though.

I've also come across a couple of incidental Ed Norton-related musical stuff: Carney singing "Song of the Sewer", and the Eddie Murphy-Joe Piscopo "Honeymooners' Rap" record (which I think I listened to maybe once, on NYC radio when I was a kid, and yet I remember it in an amazingly vivid way).