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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

der governor
If you haven't seen "Meet the Governor" clips on Late Show with David Letterman, you really need to. They consist of vintage 1970s videotape footage of Arnold Schwarzenegger at his goofiest, dressed like some kind of tiki warrior, shaking his groove thing in the middle of a dance floor. They're hilarious!

Dave has a history of mining Arnie's past on-camera silliness. I remember when Schwarzenegger would appear on Letterman back in the 80s and 90s to plug his latest movie, Letterman would set up the clip for the movie, and then sneak in a clip from Hercules in New York or some other obscure memento. Schwarzenegger always laughed at it, and claimed to enjoy that stuff, but I notice that after a certain point, he stopped appearing on Letterman's show.

I tried really hard to find a more appropriate photo of Ah-nold for this post, namely one of him in his crazy warpaint and warrior garb. Alas, I came up empty. However, I did find some Scharzeneggerful goodies: His newly-updated bio, which includes genuine risque photos; a recent woman-groping incident, captured on British TV yet; and my favorite, an campaign ad by a gubernatorial opponent in which Arnold tells about how he's always coming (uh, that may be a typo...)