The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Monday, October 20, 2003

That's right, I don't. I took a highly informal poll around the office today, and found that I'm probably in the minority in playa-hatin' on the cold 'za.

Just to clarify: I'm talking about actual cold pizza--lower case. Not Cold Pizza, the new scorcher of a morning show on ESPN2. On that, I have no opinion, and likely will have none, because I ain't gonna watch it.

It's not that I'm opposed to it specifically. I think it's an interesting idea for ESPN, a way to grow yet another niche as part of the general ESPN Original Entertainment stuff they've been cultivating. The consensus in Bristol is that the sports fan audience is locked up, and saturated, so it's time to expand to the rest of the world (which, as we sports fans often forget, is a lot bigger and a lot more lucrative than the hardcore sporting world). I think it makes for a good alternative to the six hours of SportsCenter reruns on ESPN mothership, so it could very well draw an audience based just on that. Having three-quarters of the cast be chicks is actually a good move--especially considering that they're all pretty easy on the eyes (although I'd vote for Thea to be the main female host, instead of either of the other two--she's a definite cutie; then again, since I'm not gonna watch it, what does my vote count for?). And the name is cute--has a very college and immediate post-collegiate feel to it.

I'd rate it's chances for success at about 50-50. I see it as good background noise for the average American male age 18-35, but I don't know if it's a sustainable thing. It's not going to get anywhere competing against the Regis and Kellys of the world, and if it doesn't draw at least some of that audience, then Cold Pizza could be considered a failure.

Anyway, back to the lower-case stuff. I've never acquired a taste for it. I like pizza to be hothothot--in fact, I have a problem with it getting even slightly warm while it's still in the box or on the tray. So no go on it being ice cold. I've had it cold only once in my life: Driving back home from college after my freshman year, in a van with two other guys, we drove the full 24 hours from Florida to New York. Midway through, I got hungry, and there was nothing else to eat, so I went for it. Strictly survivalist stuff. I've never gone for it again. My feeling is that the microwave oven was invented pretty much for re-heating things like refrigerated, leftover pizza; if the microwave doesn't do it for you, then a toaster oven. Not going through the process of re-heating it seems ultra-lazy to me.