The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Birthdays are often occasions to treat yourself to a makeover. And when you hit the big one-oh-oh, there's even more reason. Of course, the Miami Herald has a more compelling reason to launch a major layout redesign as it hits it centary mark--like most American dailies, its core readership is literally dying off, and so new generations need to be lured in.

I love layout talk:

A major difference is a new feature called "5-Minute Herald," a single page on the back of the local section printed vertically, with a collection of briefs highlighting the biggest news and sports stories of the day. "It is our hope that the time-pressured person can know what we think are the most important things in the paper," he said. "5-Minute Herald" is one of several new navigational devices, which include a new left-side rail on Page One, as well as each section using a color-coded system similar to USA Today. The paper also will utilize "Smart Boxes," short blocks of information with stories offering nuggets of facts pertinent to the article. The Herald's broadsheet feature section, "Living and Arts," becomes a tab in this design.

A glance at the new design can be seen here on their subscription page, for now. Their 5-Minute Herald feature is also now a part of their online edition.