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Sunday, September 14, 2003

breaking it down
Blindness has always been of special interest to me; I've written, briefly, about the subject before. So any news item about the experience, and advances relating to it, always catch my attention.

The story of Mike May is one such item, and a really unique one at that. May lost his sight before his fourth birthday, then had it restored 43 years later. But the unusual progression of his case has revealed some intriguing things about just how vision develops on a neurological level, and what happens when the pertinent areas of the brain atrophy for decades.

The chart at right has some really good examples of what's going on with May. It's fascinating to me.

It turns out that May kept a journal/blog on his experience back into sight. What a great opportunity for insight. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be updated very often. Still, a good read.