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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

buccos league-o
What's a football stadium to do when it's prime tenant wins the Super Bowl? It goes condo, of course.

No, the Tampa Bay Bucs aren't going to have to come up with mortgage financing (although that would be a novel way to try to keep an NFL from moving out of a city). Rather, the Tampa Sports Authority is looking at legally defining Raymond James Stadium a condominium, for the purposes of creating a tax loophole that would let Hillsborough County off the hook for $4.3 million in annual property taxes.

Funny to think the Bucs will be the only team in the league to play in a condo. Should be good fodder for TV and radio gameday commentators, if they're astute enough to hear about it (and if you learn about it here, do a brotha a solid and plug me, baby!).

Condo craziness is getting to be a theme in the Tampa Bay area, especially the St. Pete/Pinellas side. Seems like there's a new property going up or being redeveloped every day. Strange, as this is not really a tightly-packed urban center. The idea is that condo living appeals to two diverse groups: Retirees who no longer want to deal with an entire house and accompanying property; and twenty-somethings that are just starting out and want a hint of urban adventurism.