The Critical 'I'

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Saturday, August 23, 2003

nyets league
After catching a lot of flack, the New York Jets have slightly revised their new $50 season ticket waiting-list fee, saying that the annual charge will be applied toward the eventual purchase of those same season tickets.

Not that I care that much, since I don't expect to ever put my name on the list; but I'd like to know a little more detail on how this is supposed to work. I mean, if you're on the list for 10 years--which is definitely possible--that really means they'll knock 500 bucks off the purchase price of your first season ticket plan? I imagine that if you're chump enough to skip a year, then you lose what you've already paid and have to start all over again. I guess this helps the team a bit: It gets money for, really, nothing, and the discount some long-termer will get really won't amount to much.