The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Friday, August 29, 2003

Yup, this image fulfilled many a male's dream. It even spans generations, and you can't beat that. Based on this alone, the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards was a buzzworthy success.

Of course, if you're under the impression that Britney and Madonna (and Christina/Xtina Aguilera, not pictured) are really hot for each other, then you're dumb as a rock. This was purely a stage spectacle, choreographed, intended to get lots of attention. And to me, it's a perfect example of the metrosexual dynamic at work.

Frankly, for all the pre-hype the VMAs get, they never really seem to live up to it. I think this kiss might pay dividends in that regard right up until next year's show.