The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Cooked myself a little plate of pasta for lunch earlier today. I generally don't cook for lunch, and very rarely do I have pasta for lunch (although I'll make it quite often for dinner). Main reason I made this was because I wanted to try my hand at a new recipe for pesto-baked salmon I had come across.

It was just the type of dish I love to make: Very few ingredients, very little prep work, very little cooking time. While I like to cook, I don't like investing a whole lot of time and effort into it. So this was right up my alley.

It came out remarkably well. Just rinse some cut-up salmon, add a little olive oil, a little garlic, and a lot of pesto sauce. Then put that whole thing in a covered dish, and nuke it in the microwave for three and a half minutes. Then serve on a bed of angel hair pasta.

The biggest pain in the ass was preparing the pesto sauce. I went with a dry-mix pouch of pesto that I had to cook up with water and olive oil. Big mistake. Despite following instructions, the end result was of dubious quality, although it tasted fine when the final dish was all done. I should've gotten the prepared pesto sauce in a jar, but I figured I would never finish the whole jar, and so opted for the single-serving mix. Never again.