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Saturday, July 26, 2003

(blogathon 2003)
What a time to be in marketing! Things like guerilla marketing, viral marketing and Buzzmarketing make the whole thing seem like a bold, kick-ass adventure.

Buzzmarketing is a company that made its mark by cutting a deal to put advertising blurbs on the backs of Chinese restaurant fortune cookies. So now, not only do you get your life-altering fortune message, you also get a pitch to check out for your life-altering career change. (What the hell, no more Lucky Lottery Numbers on the reverse side anymore? Now I'll never be a millionaire!)

The demographic who are opening the fortune cookies are a gold-plated one: 18-to-34-year-olds who are big consumers of movies, alcoholic beverages, wireless telecom and consumer electronics, [Mark Hughes, Buzzmarketing CEO] notes.

The word-of-mouth factor, Hughes said, is one of the most powerful methods of marketing "on the planet" if it can successfully be pulled off.

To follow up on this pioneering ad placement on ethnic foodstuffs, Buzzmarketing is now going to spread its word through the Tex-Mex circuit by matching messages with tokitos.

What are tokitos, you ask?

A Tokito can be described as a sweet and crunchy dessert cookie, with a hint of cinnamon. About three inches long, it is shaped like a small taco.

For Tex-Mex food aficionados, it should be noted that Tokitos are not to be confused with the similar sounding Taquitos, which are an appetizer, usually with a meat or seafood filling wrapped in a small tortilla.

Glad that's cleared up. Perhaps I'll encounter one of these little babies next time I go to Tijuana Flats.

I wonder, though: Is this a superior idea to that of Egg Ads Media and their ad-tattooed eggs?