The Critical 'I'

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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

love me
Radiotalk halfwit Michael Savage went off the deep end with his flaming homophobia, and got fired as a result.

You can read his lame-assed explanation on his site, or here. It's a pretty poor effort at a lie, especially considering he spent most of a weekend coming up with it. Plus, as is usually the case in these situations, he seems oblivious to what he really did wrong: Not that he got caught, but that he harbors such feelings in the first place.

Does anyone doubt that this guy is a classic homophobe? Former Kid in the Hall Scott Thompson, in his funny-funny Buddy Cole character, once asked, "Why are the most outspoken homophobes always so ugly? Do they really think they're the ones we're after??" I'd say that assessment of Savage fits to a tee; hilariously so.

Y'know, I've been writing about homosexuality quite a bit lately. Dat don't make me gay, do it? Just to be on the strai-- er, safe side, I'd better make a mental note to grope some random woman tomorrow. Ladies, if you'd like to volunteer, let me know.