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Saturday, July 26, 2003

(blogathon 2003)
hey hey no
This has been bothering me for a little while. Fred "Rerun" Berry has been onscreen a lot lately in promos for E! Star Dates. During his screentime, he's been using the phrase "Hey hey-hey!", like it was his own personal catchphrase.

Does he think we, the What's Happening!! faithful, have forgotten that "hey hey-hey" was NOT Rerun's catchphrase? That is was, in fact, Dwayne's? I don't think so!

What's the deal? I mean, this is the equivalent of Michael from Good Times swiping J.J.'s "DY-NO-MITE!!" line! (Actually, I think I heard that Jimmie Walker copyrighted that phrase, so he owns it now... strange but true.)