The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

killing with heat stroke
Despite kicking the idea around, I decided not to truck over to Tampa for The Punisher extras casting call yesterday.

I was unconvinced about the value in it. Standing in line for hours on end, in the heat, on the slim chance that I'd get the call anywhere from one week to three months later ultimately wasn't incentive enough for me. Plus, even if I got the call, then what? Being on call for 18 hours a day, for little pay and no guarantee that I'd even be on camera, or that the scenes would even appear in the final version. A co-worker told me about a couple of friends of hers who, after getting extra work on some big movie, resorted to "escape attempts" after a while, because they'd just end up sitting around all day and night, on call, bored silly. It'd have been fun, but I'll live with the loss.

Oh well, I guess I'll catch on with the next one. If this production has a good experience here, maybe that'll attract other big-budget flicks to the Tampa/St. Pete area.

As for those thousands who did endure the heat to stand in line, they spent several hours looking for their big break. Doubtless, many of them had delusions of grandeur.