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Saturday, July 26, 2003

(blogathon 2003)
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Just played a game of NHL 2K3 on the Xbox. Got beat playing as the Lightning versus the Oilers, 1-0.

Looking back through my archives, I was surprised to find that I've had this game for seven months now. I haven't played it as much as I thought I would, because it's hard. This is nothing like the old Sega Genesis hockey games I used to play, where you could deke out the goalie and hold onto the puck no matter what. This game fucks you up at every turn. It's incredibly hard to score if you can't move the puck, and it's incredibly hard to move the puck without coughing it up to the other team. You'll probably never hear me say the word "FUCK!" as many times as you will while I'm getting my ass whipped by this game.

Well, 1-0 is not too bad; coughing up 53 shots is. Oh to be a student again, and actually have time to waste toward mastering a videogame.