The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Sometimes, your gut instincts are right on.

I detected something suspicious from the recent promos for "Reno 911!", coming soon on Comedy Central. It looked pretty stupid; that exclamation mark probably made it seem even more so. No big deal, as lots of new shows, especially those debuted in the television junkyard that is the dog days of summer, look pretty stupid. But there was something particularly dopey about the promos for this one; the actors seemed pretty unappealing, and the jokes were flat, even for quickie TV spots.

Then, today, I found my suspicions were confirmed. Turns out the allegedly comedic minds behind this latest nonsense are the same snotty, pretentious idiots that churned out "The State" and "Viva Variety", two amazingly overhyped pieces of crap. Which, as far as I'm concerned, means this new effort is a must-avoid, and likely will be cancelled in short order anyway.

It blows my mind how some idiots continually get development deals, despite showing no real talent. These guys come off totally like grad school practitioners of comedy: Calculated for weirdness, soley for weirdness' sake, minus the funny. And then they lie about how popular it is. I clearly recall one of these schmucks telling some interviewer that there was a groundswell of popularity over sketches like "Doug"; my ass. The sketch sucked, the whole show sucked--I can't believe any sketch show could make the latter-day incarnation of SNL look good, but "The State" sure as hell did. I'm glad it disappeared.