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Saturday, July 26, 2003

(blogathon 2003)
Well, not really. Probably not even close. But I'm watching The Best of Times on Comedy Central, and I honestly can't think of another one that's more satisfying. Not Any Given Sunday, not North Dallas Forty.

Then again, it's hard to make a direct comparison, not the least because Best of Times is more a pure comedy than the other two. It has a definite cheesy quality. It's not a shining moment for Robin Williams, or any of the other actors. In fact, this flick was one of a string that Williams made in the post-Mork & Mindy glow of his career that went nowhere and threatened to make him a has-been.

Still, I've grown fond of this middling little movie. The whole small-town malaise getting lifted by a pointless re-play of a high school game is entertaining. I could watch this again and again.