The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

(blogathon 2003)
A few months back, I took note of the sorry state of writing skills among U.S. students. At the root of the problem is an educational system that just isn't equipped to solve the problem. In order to up the quality of writing, which in turn spurs the development of critical thinking and competent decision-making, teachers have to dedicate more time to the subject, and supplement it heavily with lots of reading assignments.

More recently, the latest test scores from all grade levels in public schools showed some improvement, but still a lot to be desired. Most appalling to me, as it was last time, was the sorry state of writing skill for high school seniors. Those students that are about to head off to college or the workforce can barely write a coherent sentence, let alone a paragraph. Their communicative ineptness threatens to cripple us all. I wish there was an easy solution.

Since a lot about blogging has to do with writing, I thought this, my last topic-dedicated post, should touch on the basis of blog activity (I realize this doesn't apply equally to all blogs, especially photoblogs and the like). The enduro contest that writing at 30-minute intervals for 24 hours especially, I think, can go a long way toward exercising your writing skills. I hope those participating in this revealed to each blogger how they size up in the writing category.