The Critical 'I'

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Friday, July 18, 2003

who needs sleep?
A quick Blogathon 2003 update:

After trying to establish some points of contact with my chosen charity recipient, ProLiteracy Worldwide, I was informed today that they'd prefer I not designate them as my Blogathon target. Not just me, but they were also going to tell Blogathon Central to not include them in the festivities.

What sort of a non-profit charity spurns donation efforts? I was more stunned than angry at this rebuff. It's a significant pain in the ass, since I now have to come up with a new charity. I've got nothing more to say about it, other than that the next time ProLiteracy announces that they have to make some sort of cutback in their programs, I hope someone finds this archived entry and takes note (I'm not saying that I would have raised piles of money for ProLiteracy, but if they're turning me down, I wonder how many other fundraising efforts they're either rejecting or not helping out).

So anyway... I decided to go after an organization that has similar goals re: literacy promotion, plus a lot more. The American Library Association fits the bill, I think. I sent them an email with my pitch; hopefully I'll hear back from them shortly. So my official charity of choice is now the ALA.

Finally, no sponsors registered so far, although I have verbal commitments from a couple of friends. In light of today's events, it's just as well, I guess. But I've got to beat the bushes for people to give. Not much point in staying up 24 hours otherwise.