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Monday, July 21, 2003

wet knight
Behold, a movie photo still that makes Bat-fanboys everywhere salivate!

This shot of the Caped Crusader is from a shorty film that made the rounds at this past weekend's San Diego ComicCon, and the big rumor that followed was that it was test footage from Darren Aronofsky's much-anticipated Batman: Year One project (which, curiously, has disappeared from the Internet Movie Database site; has it been shelved indefinitely now?). No more molded plastic Batsuit! A stripped-down-and-dirty Batman flick!

Sorry, wannabe Sons of the Batman. Turns out this short is just that, a short film made by a Dark Knight devotee, with no connection to the Batman franchise. For the record, the short is titled Batman: Dead End, is directed by Sandy Collora, and can be viewed/downloaded here (also, I've been told, through the usual file-sharing programs like Kazaa and LimeWire).

Still, I think it looks pretty cool. The Joker looks great too!