The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Since there was no loss of life, as required by the rules, I guess the Darwins don't really apply here. But the spirit of those awards that celebrate human stupidity came to my mind when I read that a state politico in Arkansas lost his job as a result of an objectionable email he forwarded to his employees.

How stupid-slash-ignorant do you have to be, in the year 2003, to not be aware of general workplace common sense on stuff like this? Is the impulse to be funny so overwhelming that you shut down your brain? Does someone like this reach such a comfort level at work that he forgets he is at work? I dunno. Maybe it's a generational thing: Some of these older coots are still mesmerized by email, so they show off their "forward-all" skills every chance they get.

I am ignoring the subject of the "Illegal Poem" itself. The usual dumb assumptions have been used in it, and the usual suspects have been outraged over it; I feel no need to comment on the same-old same-old there. That someone would actually cook his own goose by forwarding it indiscriminately is what I find more noteworthy.