The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

It's come to this: Iron Mike Ditka will be pitching impotence drug Levitra to the NFL viewing public this fall.

Oh, I just cannot wait to get my fill of Coach Ditka yammering about his limp wang on NFL Sunday afternoons! Kill me now.

On a serious (sorta) note: Does it occur to anyone else that some of these sports are going a little too overboard on the old-man target audience advertising? In the case of Viagra and other tool-booster remedies, the NFL now joins Major League Baseball and NASCAR in including erectile dysfunction to their advertising stable.

You go where your stronger demographics are, and where the ad dollars originate, naturally. Still, in my mind, I think all three sports run the risk of identifying themselves too much as programming exclusively tailored for an older generation. If I'm a kid watching an NFL game, the constant stream of commercials for medications, lawnmowers, etc. tells me that I'm in the minority of viewers, i.e. those who aren't 35 and above. Short-term, it's no problem; longer term, the risk is a dwindling next-generation fanbase, who decide early on that other sports, including X-Games, are more their speed.