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Saturday, July 26, 2003

(blogathon 2003)
Get out your bongs, America: Cheech & Chong are reuniting for another movie.

Despite all the news here of a continuing--and expanding, even--fanbase, I'm not sure I'm convinced that there's such a big audience for this revival. I don't sense as much nostalgia for Cheech & Chong as I do for other classic comedy acts like Monty Python or Kids in the Hall. But that could be because I was never very much into Cheech & Chong; I'm not sure I've ever watched any of their movies all the way through.

I'm surprised Cheech Marin would want to reprise his stoner role. He's been spending the last 20 years distancing himself from it, after all. But like he says, he figures it's been long enough to establish himself as versatile. Plus, getting a slice of the money is too good to pass up.

I see here that Tommy Chong is a native Canadian. Yet another Canadian entertainer that hit it big in the States!