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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

hitler's insect
The end of an era today as the very last Volkswagen Bug rolled off the production line in Mexico. Yes, Mexico, as opposed to the logical Germany (although in this age of globalized economy, there's no real logic as to where a particular make of car is actually manufactured; still, a car as distinctively German as this one...).

This is the original clunker Bug that's passing away, as opposed to the new-style Beetle.

I had always heard that the Bug was still being produced in Latin America, Brazil specifically. I guess all things must come to an end eventually.

Personal memories of da Bug: I'm a bit too young to have experienced these cars in their 70s heyday in America. However, the first movie I can remember seeing in a movie theater was a re-release of Disney's The Love Bug, starring Herbie, that sentient little bug-ger. Later in life, in my freshman year of college, I actually drove one for the first and only time on a group outing to Ybor City (my first one ever, back before it got hot). Finally, I remember, that same year, passing by some junkyard in Tampa that was filled for yards after yards of nothing but Bugs; it was quite the awe-inspiring sight!